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I love to feel my hubby’s cock ramming into me as he talks dirty. He tells me I’m his, and makes me submit to his every desire. I love to feel dominated with his weight on top of me, his words in my ear, and his forceful attitude drives me wild!  One final thrust as he grunts and embeds his cock inside me, pressing hard against my cervix as his spurting cock fills me with his cum.

When he’s done, I absolutely love to be dominated further. Having my hubby push his fist deep inside, using his cum as lubricant, stretching me open and forcing his hot seed deeper makes me feel so totally dominated. I submit to him fully and open my legs more on his command as he makes a closed fist and presses his knuckles against my cervix. I feel the hot liquid squishing against it, pushing into my womb. I’m completely his in this moment, taking his cum and his fist just as he wants.  I beg him for permission to cum on his fist. Should he let me?

Used Silicon Toy for sale! (North America)

Medium size Bruiser, split firmness 5/8, suction cup and cum tube.

I used this toy once or twice, then never used it again, so we decided to sell it and purchase a different one. Remember silicon toys can be boiled so they are safe to buy and sell used.

Medium size:

Usable Length: 7.5 inches

Diameter of head: 1.9 inches

Diameter of knot: 2.8 inches

Regular price: $155 plus shipping and taxes

Asking: $100 or best offer!

Send me a message if interested!

<3 Sonya

scythe21 asked:

Have you ever taken more than 3 syringes full or have you wanted too I think it would be hot to see what your limit was

Usually the dildo takes up most of the room in there! If we were to pull the toy out to the tip and start pumping it in, we might run out of cum-lube!

<3 Sonya

futacraving asked:

Have you and your hubby done anything sexual in a public place? If so, can you tell me? I would so love that

Hi! Funny you should mention that. Recently hubby made me suck his cock and rubbed my pussy while we sat on a park bench facing a lake. The people in the park could probably tell what we were doing, but not see it!

His cock was so hard, and the thought of him being so turned on with the possibility of getting caught made my pussy VERY wet! He let me cum once with his hand stuffed down my jeans, and I was getting him close to cumming too! Hubby told me that he couldn’t walk around in public with cum on this cloths and that I would have to swallow his whole load.  The thought of him making me swallow his load in public made my pussy wetter still! It was almost soaking through my jeans!

Shortly after that, someone floated by in a canoe and we didn’t even notice until they were almost right in front of us!!! We quickly buttoned up and left the park.  When we got home, there was no delay, we fucked hard and fast!

That was the first time we did anything in public, and we got caught! I have been meaning to post about it for a while, but been busy too busy.

<3 Sonya

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