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tobyana asked:

I loved the post of the cone. It looks like your hubby is really pushing hard on that, any chance you might do a video with sound similar to it in the future?

Hi. He really was pushing hard! The GIFs were taken from a video, but it is a very low quality video and we may not release it.  We might make a new better one eventually!

<3 Sonya



It sure would be nice to find a cock big enough to fill her up.


  1. loosepussyland added:
    No way, you’d like to see someone else fuck your wife Steve?

Thinking about her getting fucked by someone else is probably what turns me on the most, He would have to be deserving of her loose pussy though. ie; he’d have to have a real big dick. A dick that would make her think about him when I fucked her afterwards.

Hot wet pussy..needs a real big cock to satisfy this.  

Yes. It would take a big cock to fill up candy. but it looks like she wants it. And i am sure she would satisfy a big cock nicely. But what if she loved it!

I don’t normally post on Sonya’s blog, but I have to say if you find a cock big enough, maybe we should line up two loose pussies for him to fuck. I have the same kinky desires to watch Sonya take a huge thick cock and get fisted by someone else.  I know she’d love it because when I tell her I’m going to make her do it during sex, her pussy gets extra sloppy wet and soaks the sheets.


driftin2 asked:

so can you get off with just normal fucking?

Of course! Stretching makes me super sensitive, and I cum far more with normal sex right after.  :) Hubby says my pussy feels better than anything after fisting, so it feels great for him too! That is contrary to the popular belief that the man and woman can’t feel much if her pussy is too loose.  It’s really the opposite.

<3 Sonya

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