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My favorite toy! So thick, so much fun! Hubby went on a gif making binge when he had some spare time.

I am getting close to 15k followers! I think maybe I will do a request for that event! Please send me what you’d like to see and I will pick from your suggestions for our next picture set or GIF set and hopefully post it for when I hit 15k!

Note: I don’t do anal, so don’t bother requesting that!

<3 Sonya

It took a few days for my pussy to recover from that rough fisting! Once it did, hubby decided to make me use these new ben wa balls for a whole day! They felt amazing while I went about my daily activities with them rattling around inside with every step! My pussy was getting really wet and they kept me thinking about sex all day. I wanted to pounce on the first guy who walked in the door! Good thing it was hubby!

I didn’t even realize that I was clamping down on them the whole time. My vaginal muscles ached for hours after he pulled them out!

<3 Sonya

Looks like Hard & Rough fisting won with 4 votes!.

We don’t write about every fisting session but this one was worth writing about! Normally hubby writes the stories but he wanted me to do this one.

I went to bed a short while after posting, slid under the covers with my sleeping hubby and woke him up with my lips around his cock. After a few minutes of that, I turned around on all fours and told him I wanted him to ram his fist into me.  Hubby never turns down that request!

He was getting really dominating and rough, probably rougher than we should have been. He was talking dirty to me while practically punching my cervix. He would ram his fist deep and tell me that I’m his and make me submit to him.  He had me begging to cum, but wouldn’t let me for what seemed like eternity.  

He thinks that it was the deepest I had taken his fist to date, a bit past the wrist bone!  It’s such a hot pleasure-pain to be fisted so hard. When he makes a fist inside me and starts ramming it in, I feel totally dominated and completely his. When he finally told me to cum, I f*cking exploded.  Ladies, if you want the most intense orgasm of your lives, get your man to fist you! You won’t be disappointed!

He left his fist inside me for a few minutes and informed me that I squirted all over the sheets.  I don’t squirt very often, and even less often during fisting, but I usually don’t even know I did it! Ooops!

After that, he pulled his fist out and slid his cock in, grabbed my hips and started fucking hard. My pussy gets super SUPER sensitive after fisting and regular sex becomes VERY intense! I lost count of the orgasms after that, but I do remember hubby commenting on how good my “sloppy loose pussy” felt around his cock.  A little white later, he erupted inside me. That’s the next best feeling - being filled with hot cum! Sometimes I crave this more than anything :)

During the fisting, we both knew we were maybe crossing the line a bit, and well my pussy is paying for it now! It stings when I touch the lips and it’s pretty red and puffy. Feels like I was using the pussy pump!  My pussy might be done for a week I think…

Sooooo worth it though! Sorry, it was pretty spontaneous, so there are no pics, but we’ll be sure to post something else soon.

<3 Sonya

Hubby randomly decided he wanted his nuts sucked today. He snapped this photo for you guys to see and imagine it was you!  The hornier I get, the better the testosterone smells to me… let’s just say they smelled REALLY good!

I am craving his fist now… I think I’m gonna go wake him up! I just can’t decide, so maybe you guys can help… soft and slow fisting, or hard and rough fisting?

tobyana asked:

I loved the post of the cone. It looks like your hubby is really pushing hard on that, any chance you might do a video with sound similar to it in the future?

Hi. He really was pushing hard! The GIFs were taken from a video, but it is a very low quality video and we may not release it.  We might make a new better one eventually!

<3 Sonya



It sure would be nice to find a cock big enough to fill her up.


  1. loosepussyland added:
    No way, you’d like to see someone else fuck your wife Steve?

Thinking about her getting fucked by someone else is probably what turns me on the most, He would have to be deserving of her loose pussy though. ie; he’d have to have a real big dick. A dick that would make her think about him when I fucked her afterwards.

Hot wet pussy..needs a real big cock to satisfy this.  

Yes. It would take a big cock to fill up candy. but it looks like she wants it. And i am sure she would satisfy a big cock nicely. But what if she loved it!

I don’t normally post on Sonya’s blog, but I have to say if you find a cock big enough, maybe we should line up two loose pussies for him to fuck. I have the same kinky desires to watch Sonya take a huge thick cock and get fisted by someone else.  I know she’d love it because when I tell her I’m going to make her do it during sex, her pussy gets extra sloppy wet and soaks the sheets.


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