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driftin2 asked:

so can you get off with just normal fucking?

Of course! Stretching makes me super sensitive, and I cum far more with normal sex right after.  :) Hubby says my pussy feels better than anything after fisting, so it feels great for him too! That is contrary to the popular belief that the man and woman can’t feel much if her pussy is too loose.  It’s really the opposite.

<3 Sonya

When hubby tells me to cum on the horse cock, I can’t help it! I cum so hard I squeeze it right out!

This is for my 10,000 followers.  Sorry we haven’t posted much lately!

<3 Sonya

EDIT: Added 3 new GIFs to this post, and it’s now 12,000 followers! Does that make it worthy of a re-reblog?

I love to feel my hubby’s cock ramming into me as he talks dirty. He tells me I’m his, and makes me submit to his every desire. I love to feel dominated with his weight on top of me, his words in my ear, and his forceful attitude drives me wild!  One final thrust as he grunts and embeds his cock inside me, pressing hard against my cervix as his spurting cock fills me with his cum.

When he’s done, I absolutely love to be dominated further. Having my hubby push his fist deep inside, using his cum as lubricant, stretching me open and forcing his hot seed deeper makes me feel so totally dominated. I submit to him fully and open my legs more on his command as he makes a closed fist and presses his knuckles against my cervix. I feel the hot liquid squishing against it, pushing into my womb. I’m completely his in this moment, taking his cum and his fist just as he wants.  I beg him for permission to cum on his fist. Should he let me?

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